monday thoughts on motherhood (because musings was just too precious sounding)


Monday mornings are such an ego boost as a stay as a stay at home mom. Nate informs the kids that “Daddy is going to work and you’re going to stay home with mommy”. Children greet this news with wailing and gnashing of teeth, words being inadequate to express their horror at this fate and all.

I don’t really blame them. I like this guy too and weekends are the best because he’s in them. Also he took that first picture from our house this morning instead of waking me up to see it. Yet another reason to love him.


We spent last week camped in our basement and the bedrooms because the floors were being replaced and the spindles on our split level house were out meaning anyone could hurl themselves down at any moment so we had to stay out of the main living areas. It was awful. In a very first world sense of awful. Because seriously, we have a basement to live in. And now that it’s all done the boys pretty much think wooden floors are the best thing that has ever happened. You can roll trucks better, throw balls better (they bounce now!), and run up and down the hallway with an abandon that doesn’t happen on carpet that’s lived through three homeowners and one foreclosure. (Okay, that last part is total projection because the carpet was seriously grossing me out. No matter how many times I cleaned it, it wasn’t ever going to be clean.)

Behold the after picture because I am so happy to have these floors I smile every-time I walk on them. Including last night when I went to get the middle of the night bottle out of the fridge.


{{I love how Tal looks all confused about where the furniture went. Or maybe he’s just pondering why I haven’t finished staining the railing.}}

The first night when just a tiny bit of the floor was in Nate and I were standing around admiring them and realizing how close we came to a mistake with the other floors we picked out (too orange) and Talron (who was protesting sleeping because… duh and so was still awake at 10 or 11 pm) got mad at us refusing to allow him to hurl himself down the unspindled stairway and expressed this by throwing his toy car from his perch in daddy’s arms. Gave us our first little dent. Which, honestly, was a relief. Mostly because It wasn’t me. And because whenever I see it (which will only be when I’m on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor so what, once a year?) I will think of how cute he looks when he throws fits. Then today his brother christened the dining room floor with a broken plate. I might actually be forced to get plastic plates now. *Cue the motherhood award.*

Tal says bruber (brother) now. It’s what he calls Thane and it is so cute it makes all ovaries within a two mile radius hurt.


We co-sleep. Have I mentioned this? Depending on who you ask I am creating bonds of attachment unlike anything else OR I’m creating disrupted sleeping patterns that will haunt them for the rest of their days. Oh, also destroying my marriage. That’s one of the best parts of parenthood I think. All the non-judgment from other parents. Also being aware at all times that anything you do could be possibly ruining your child.  Parenthood: keeping therapists in business since 2000BC

Co-sleeping is also hilarious when it’s two babies and two parents in one Cal-King bed. The first night was literally an enactment of “they all rolled over and one fell out.” I won’t mention which one. On account of the non-judgmental parents out there. But I adore the cuddles in the morning. Waking up to a baby kissing my nose. Hearing my first “I love you” from little baby lips. I even love with Tal wakes up and is horrified that Mommy and not Daddy is serving as his pillow and climbs over me yelling “dada dada!”

Lastly, my two year old likes singing “I came in like a wreaking ball”. Which, inappropriate song, but incredibly appropriate sentiment. I love these two. Even when they would rather be with Daddy.


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  1. love this Wendi, every bit. might put your quote in a frame for my own personal comfort: “parenthood: keeping therapists in business since 2000BC”. parenting is freaking hard…but its good to try to laugh through it. thanks 🙂

  2. Hooray for co-sleeping!!! 😉

    Also, my youngest has started figuring out that Mondays are Evil because Daddy leaves… so he holds on REALLY TIGHT on Sunday nights… and HE KNOWS when it’s Friday! So.freaking.awesome.

  3. Cosleeping depends on the day bc we always start in our own beds and hardly ever finish separately but anywho, we when all wake up together, I am certain that the entire alphabet was spelled out with our bodies through the night. And wrecking ball.. Omg lol!! Totally perfect.

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