Month: November 2013

this year there will be no “next year…”

This year there won’t be a picture frame on our Thanksgiving table of the family member who’s missing. This year there won’t be presents labeled for babies that aren’t ‘home’. This year every moment won’t be filled with dreams of “next year…” This year we’re together. I write that and I feel a chill go through me. It seems unreal. This time last year I held serious doubts that little Baby K would ever be coming home. I waited for news on []

Super Skeleton & Funny Bones

I keep having these flashes of awareness. Where suddenly I’m acutely present to the fact that I’m a mother. Of two little boys. Who I adore. I was the big sister, the auntie, the friend of mommy for so long that it seem unreal that now I hold the mother title. One of those flashes came while I sewed their capes to wear to the party at Daddy’s work. Sewing last minute of course. Tal sitting on my lap and Thane watching []