Nine months together. It seems like yesterday it was six. Time feels like it’s skipping and I can barely hold on to the moments, let alone the memories. Maybe it’s the time of year but everything feels like it’s in fast-forward and I want it to just slow down already.

I know I’m alone in this sentiment, no one that has ever held a little one close has wished for time to stand still for just a few tiny minutes so you can get a few tiny minutes more… Nope, I’m the first one ever.

Tal is our little snuggler. He adores being held and Daddy continues to be his favorite person. He spends most of every night snuggled into the crook of his arm, he rushes into his arms when Daddy gets home from work, he “asks” to talk to him on the phone, and he’s still insanely jealous if anyone else dares to hug him. Because clearly Daddy is his and his alone. Or so he would say if he could talk that much.

Our agency asks us for pictures/reports throughout the first two years. In putting together the set for this anniversary I found this picture. I adore these two together.


Daddy got Tal dressed this morning before leaving for work. And I took some pictures. Because that’s the best way to make time freeze, if even for just a minute.