family age

one month together

He’s really here. I have remind myself of that a few times a day. I’ll have him on my lap, cuddling his little body in my arms and it will hit me: this is real, we’re together. It happened. During the process of waiting I held a duel reality in my head and in my heart: he’s mine, he might never be mine. Loving without knowing is a different kind of love. It’s a deep, pounding, fight-to-the-end kind of love that doesn’t []

six months together

This week we celebrated six months together.  That seems unreal.  It’s been an amazing six months. It’s been perfect and beautiful and messy and amazing.  I love this kid.  He’s clever and brilliant and courageous and trusting.  He’s also really cute and has a smile that makes even gruff old guys and too hip-for-life teens smile back when he works his dimpled magic on them at the grocery store. Six months ago I was so nervous. Just waiting to meet him, hold []


All throughout the process of adoption I tried to be careful about calling our life here “home” for Thane.  Even on his birth announcement I put “together” instead of “home”. I’m not sure all the reasons for the hesitation.  Certainly I thought it, I believed it, I wanted it.  But I also knew it wasn’t. He wasn’t coming home, he was leaving home. Leaving home to come live in a strange place that yes, would eventually BE home. Sometimes I think I []

four weeks old

Our family age is now four weeks.  If I try to sum up the main theme of each week it would be: 1st week: Changes 2nd week: building trust 3rd week: relaxing 4th week: snuggles   Oh the snuggles.  Thane now leans into us constantly.  Grabs our legs when we walk by.  Rests against us when he sits in our laps.  He wants physical contact all the time.  And I love it.  When I used to sit next to him on the couch []