the hood of mother

when you’re bad at that thing you thought you’d be good at

Yesterday we were at Gymboree when Thane got his leg stuck between two wooden dowels in a rocking toy. It was amazing how my mom instincts kicked in and how quickly I got him out…. I’m kidding. Actually my claustrophobia and panic kicked in, after pulling at the leg with no budging I started frantically looking around for a freaking ax to chop that sucker apart with, and all I could think was “in the movies there is ALWAYS an ax, always. []

monday thoughts on motherhood (because musings was just too precious sounding)

Monday mornings are such an ego boost as a stay as a stay at home mom. Nate informs the kids that “Daddy is going to work and you’re going to stay home with mommy”. Children greet this news with wailing and gnashing of teeth, words being inadequate to express their horror at this fate and all. I don’t really blame them. I like this guy too and weekends are the best because he’s in them. Also he took that first picture from []

what is and what was and what we remember

I don’t think he’ll remember this moment. The night we had smoothies before or maybe for dinner. The first night he sat like a big boy on the bar stool on our kitchen island. I probably wouldn’t remember it if it wasn’t that I was feeling guilty for taking a total of six pictures since Christmas and decided to grab my camera. It seems that most of childhood is made up of those kind of moments. The moments that are here and then []

growing up

Thane  has a pretty great dad.  Great as in patient and involved and just an all around amazing guy.  He does this thing with Thane where when he’s  giving him instructions on something  (like not banging the screwdriver against the mirror let’s say) where he gets down at eye level, talks to him gently and then asks Thane to say “yes Dad” to show he understands.  Which comes out a bit more like “yaa daa” and is perfectly adorable. Then, while taking his bath a []

we’re the adults now right?

Apparently having children doesn’t grant you instant perfection. I mean, I knew it didn’t, not really.  But it’s still been a little bit of a shock to me how little we’ve changed with the addition of Thane into our family.  I think deep down I had the subconscious belief that the world would basically start spinning the other direction and we would morph into something that resembled mature, have-our-stuff-together, adults. And… we’re not. Absolutely some stuff has changed, like evenings have a lot more []