Today, while playing in the tub, Nat reached his arms over his head to grab my face, leaned back against my chest and sighed. And for just a second, having reached ultimate happiness, my heart stopped.

the bowl and the chair

Nat’s first superbowl Sunday. Welcome to America kid, we be crazy here!  But you don’t seem to mind.   Nat was pretty impressed with the game, and fascinated by Daddy’s chips.  I offered him one to see what he would do.  He crumbled it in his hands. lol We also put him in his highchair again tonight and then N and I danced around the kitchen until Nat laughed and laughed and had trouble breathing he was laughing so hard. This child []


Being on baby time is I’ve seen a few more sunrises than my normal two a year.   My thoughts are not nearly so radiant that time of morning. This is more what they feel like.

humor in snotty places

Me, to N: Do you want to try that snot sucker thing we bought today? N, to me: Oh yes, it’s always been my dream to suck snot.   {{{Parenthood is glamorous no?}}}   I still get little shivers in my soul however when I’m making up bottles for the night. Glass bottles, creamy formula, my man next to me helping. Life is delicious and perfect.

nat’s music

We listened to C___ music again today. Youtube is amazing. Nat listened and watched with rapt attention, loving the beats, the singing, the swaying. It was magical. I want him to always have pride in his heritage. He comes from a country of amazing people, he has their strength and their beauty in every part of him. I love that. {{I kept calling him my seventies baby in this outfit.  So cute.}}

riding in cars with bottles

The doctor. Oh the doctor. Today Nat got (gently) prodded, measured, weighed, and sadly poked by two needles. The first one was quick and he didn’t mind. The second involved vial after vial of blood and more tears than I thought his body contained. It was heartbreaking. On the flip side he also peed on one doctor and loudly talked at/lectured the nurse who took his blood. So there’s that. Also, we are discovering that Nat loves riding in the car. His []