Dr Who meets Mr Toddler

The music swelled, our heroes raised their weapons, the film speed slowed to half, mouths opened, muscles tensed, they charged… And the screen went blank. Our little stinker found the power button to the X-box at the most perfect moment in all of time and space.  We laughed our heads off and he couldn’t have been more pleased.  So the next day I grabbed a picture of him trying to do it again, because perfect timing should always be remembered. {{That’s his []

the rituals of fridays

When Fridays come we do the “Garbage Truck Dance”. Garbage truck + recycling truck + yard waste truck x 2 sides of the street = six times that this little boy nearly jumps out of his skin with joy because garbage trucks are the single coolest thing on the planet (except for Daddy of course.) And he can hear them from any part of the house (score one for single pane windows!)  Last time it happened right after I pulled him out []

and just like that…

…The baby started walking. He took one step back on June 27th. A nice way to celebrate his referral anniversary I thought. Actually, I’m pretty sure he didn’t realize what he was doing and once he realized it he sat down and started crawling as fast as he could. And he kept crawling until three days ago when he decided to take a few more. Then two days ago he took about ten. And then yesterday, well yesterday I looked over and []

tents, movies, and his first father’s day

I remember camping with fondness when I was little. So carefree, so easy, so fun. And holy cow, my mother must have done a crapload of work because the amount of stuff I drug with for one child was insane. How she did this with seven kids I don’t know. But it was worth it all because oh my word we had so much fun. For his first Father’s Day my husband requested a camping trip to beautiful Whidbey Island (one of our []

this one is for you Auntie A.M.M. (because you asked)

My sister lives on the other side of the world. In China. And in one of those “seriously universe”? moments she left the country exactly one week before Thane came home.  A few weeks earlier we thought we’d been given a crazy gift and their paths were going to cross. But the wheels of the US government move slowly and we didn’t receive the paperwork when we hoped.  So, they’ve never met. I’m not sure when they will as she and her family []

what he’s been up to

His clapping has gone epic. He does it at appropriate times (after someone says yay! or he does something clever) and occasionally at inappropriate times (after I said “please don’t touch that, maybe he was applauding my gentle parenting?) and my personal favorite, he claps along with the television. And this isn’t the clapping at first that was hesitant and required great effort. Now it’s quick, virtually without effort and experimental: What happens when I clap in the water? What happens if []

the funny and the best

Apparently climbing off and on the couch cushions* is the funniest thing that has ever happened. Ever. Or it was for a week.  We’ve moved on now to licking our reflection in the living room mirrored wall. Yes, seriously.  Thane also loves to crawl alongside it and watch his reflection. It’s adorable. I hate that mirrored wall. He loves it. I’m blaming my husband who also loves that mirrored wall. He however, does NOT crawl alongside it. Or lick it. But while the []