we’re the adults now right?

Apparently having children doesn’t grant you instant perfection. I mean, I knew it didn’t, not really.  But it’s still been a little bit of a shock to me how little we’ve changed with the addition of Thane into our family.  I think deep down I had the subconscious belief that the world would basically start spinning the other direction and we would morph into something that resembled mature, have-our-stuff-together, adults. And… we’re not. Absolutely some stuff has changed, like evenings have a lot more []

dates, memories, and the sacrifice of trees

On Friday we mailed off a packet of paperwork for the current adoption.  That makes it sound so easy.  It wasn’t.  I had to sort through the emails from our agency (okay, that was easy.)  Then I had to convince my laptop which currently hates me that it was in its best interest to download them all.  It did so mumbling and complaining the whole way and then threatened to die on me just because I hadn’t plugged it in for several []


Yesterday we woke up to the news that our Baby K was being released from the hospital.  So grateful.

conversations that made me laugh

Grocery Store Checker: “That your child?” Me: “Yes.” Grocery Store Checker: “He gets nothing from mommy, yes?” Me: “Well, I think he got my temper.” Random lady at grocery store: “Your son is gorgeous .” Me: “Thank you. He’s certainly cuter than any baby I could make” Random lady at grocery store: “No…. (looks at me, down at him, up at me) Yeah, you’re probably right.” {{Picture from August, stories from a few months ago. Trying to find something humorous to occupy []