remember this, vol 1: flying down memory lane

Dear Thane, So many of your little mannerisms are already changing from when we first met. You are an ever changing source of excitement and wonder. You used to love to “fly”. Anywhere and everywhere, when we would pick you up and face you forward you would flap your little arms, kick your chubby little legs and fly. Down to the laundry room, down the hallway, across the living room, and to worlds unknown. Okay, we didn’t manage to make it to []

beautiful eyes

Three months into this parenting-thing and I notice little things more and more.  I celebrate the little moments.  Today, it’s eye contact. The differences between now and then are amazing to me. He used to not want to hold eye contact throughout a whole bottle, and if I tried he would become agitated and irritated. So I would look him in the eyes for a little white, then look away to give him a break. Eventually he learned to look away himself []


All throughout the process of adoption I tried to be careful about calling our life here “home” for Thane.  Even on his birth announcement I put “together” instead of “home”. I’m not sure all the reasons for the hesitation.  Certainly I thought it, I believed it, I wanted it.  But I also knew it wasn’t. He wasn’t coming home, he was leaving home. Leaving home to come live in a strange place that yes, would eventually BE home. Sometimes I think I []

Sailor Baby

My parents had three daughters, then there is an eight year gap, then they had four boys.  My folks are orderly like that.  And somewhere along the way my oldest sister was given a little sailor dress. Navy, white collar, red trim.  And all three of us girls eventually had our pictures taken in that little sailor dress.  We are kind of adorable.  Then came the boys and my mom decided against bucking gender-appropriate-stereotypes and decided to make a boy version instead.  []

Bunnies, Bibles, and Babies

{{Thane’s first Resurrection/Easter Sunday.  In Bunny ears.  Mommy’s world is complete.}} {{He loved the Easter grass.  I liked that it was the shredded paper king and not the plasticky-sticks-to-everything-made-in-the-bowels-of-Mordor kind.}}  {{The eggs all hold symbols of the Easter story in them.  He loved the one with the rock because apparently rocks+plastic egg=world’s greatest rattle.}} {{Two Thanes!!  The cuteness was almost overwhelming.  I was afraid the mirror was going to break.  Since I hate said mirror I was kind of sad when it []

happiness: an “ I heart faces” challenge

I’ve enjoyed reading at Iheartfaces for quite some time, but this is my first time to actually join in.  The theme “happiness” really resonates with me because since Thane came to join our family 10 weeks ago my heart has been filled to overflowing with happiness, amazement, and gratitude. I can’t believe I get to be this child’s mother.  I love him more than I thought possible.