cool cat errr tiger

For the last month you’ve become a bouncing baby.  Literally.  You bounce on my lap, you bounce on the couch, you bounce on your knees.  So we decided (while Papa and Gigi were here) you needed a bouncer.  Need is perhaps an exaggeration.  And your mama needed one that wasn’t ugly.  Need is definitely an exaggeration here.  So armed with gift cards from some very nice people Papa, Gigi, and I took you to the the big chain toy store for you []

ordinary wonder

Dear Thane, I love how my ordinary has changed with your arrival.  Laundry isn’t just a quick run down the stairs to transfer a load anymore.  Now it’s sitting on the floor talking about things that go round while we watch the dryer do its magic.  Dishes aren’t just dishes, now they involve singing and dancing round the kitchen to make you laugh while you watch me from your high chair.  This new ordinary takes a lot longer than the old one, []

picture post–sleepy sunbeams

{{Today you played with sunbeams, in mom & dad’s room and in the living room.}} {{You also skipped a nap.  But rather than making your crabby it just made you cuddly. And sleepy.  And you are so cute when you are sleepy.}} {{I snapped these pictures while you were next to me when we were folding laundry.}}

the kindness of strangers

“How old is your son?”  she asked me.  It was a few weeks ago and my mom and I were walking past the line of people waiting to speak to the pharmacist.  Most of them stared at us.  Just a normal trip to the grocery store for Thane and I.  But she asked that question and my heart jumped a little.  “Your son”, not “the baby”, not “he”, but “your son.”  Just an ordinary question I suppose, between two moms.  I answered []

the park(a)

{{from March 2}} I had it in my head that Thane’s first trip to the park should be magical.  If it was a children’s book it was going to be illustrated in watercolors with swirling points of light.  The words would be written in a curly font and they would be filled with everything that makes childhood delicious and perfect. I picked a park on the (Lake Washington ) waterfront, you can see the mountains across the way, and the seagulls float []