i woke up to this

During the long, long wait for this baby to come home I was constantly waking up and remembering.  In the early days it was the sudden remembrance that I had a maybe-baby.  That rush of butterflies and moonbeans and everything is new and the world is awash with possibilities and dreams.   Remembering that there was a beautiful baby on the other side of the world who had my heart.  And would have it for the rest of my life. And this morning?  []

slobber my heart

Tonight, I got my first baby kiss.  It was divine. I was holding baby boy in the kitchen and talking to Nate and said “I think he’s probably tired of mommy’s kisses” and with that baby boy looked right at me, puckered up his little lips and planted one on my cheek.  Then he did it about ten more times. Bliss baby.  Slobbery baby bliss.


When I look back on this time in your life Thane, this is how I’ll remember you: eyes big and beautiful, half a smile, and arms a-waving. You get so excited, about so many things.  I love watching life through your eyes.  I love how you light up when Daddy and I talk to you.  I love how you do something clever and then look to see if we’re watching. We are baby boy. We’ll be watching with pride, always.  When you []

four weeks old

Our family age is now four weeks.  If I try to sum up the main theme of each week it would be: 1st week: Changes 2nd week: building trust 3rd week: relaxing 4th week: snuggles   Oh the snuggles.  Thane now leans into us constantly.  Grabs our legs when we walk by.  Rests against us when he sits in our laps.  He wants physical contact all the time.  And I love it.  When I used to sit next to him on the couch []