curtains make the best hiding places

Today Nate & and I had things to do and decision to make.  So I put the baby down on the kitchen floor, gave him a few toys, and joined his daddy at the kitchen island. Silly Mommy. Who needs toys when there are curtains to play peekaboo in?   I hope when he’s grown and his laughter is more refined and less baby-pterodactyl sounding I can still remember that sound.   His dimples like to play peekaboo too.

windmills and vroom-vrooms, picture is unrelated

Today I informed Thane we were going “vroom, vroom in the car” to see Daddy at work.  He waved his arms and smiled (typical) and then said “vroom, vroom”.  Hold the presses folks we have a brilliant child here.  Then, we got in the car and I put him in his car seat where he immediately whipped his little head around with the biggest smile on his face looking for where Daddy always sits in the driver’s seat. Then the poor child looked []

hat baby

Yesterday he found Daddy’s hat on the floor.  And put it on his head.  Whether he knew what it was or was just attempting to play peekaboo like we do with blankets and laundry and a million other things I don’t know.  What I do know is this child is too cute for his own good.

picture post

{{Just ordinary scenes from ordinary evenings.  Getting a first ride on Daddy’s shoulders.  Being horrified by the amount of kisses Mommy bestows.}}

the box to end all boxes

So I failed to buy the baby a single toy.  A single one.  I tried onetime but toys-r-us toy aisles scared me.  How many hideously colored plastic doodads can be in existence anyway?  But lucky for this baby he has a host of aunties and uncles and grandma and grandpas who have bought him tons of toys with no one hideously colored one among them. But today, today I gave the baby a box.  The box his adorable owl-shaped humidifier came in []

older infant adjustment

Something I found when I was preparing for his arrival was that I couldn’t find many real-life examples of what people did to help their older infants (6-12 months) adjust and start connecting. It’s my hope that someday the following list may be helpful for someone. With that said here are some of the things that have worked well for us these past few week (I hope to come back and focus on each one eventually). Limiting visitors. Limiting leaving the house []