Seven months ago this week we first received pictures of the sweetest baby boy I’d ever seen – our Thane. Since then I’ve looked at his pictures first thing every morning and the last thing every night. That I now get to hold him, love on him, see him every morning and every night is a gift I will forever cherish. This afternoon Mom and I ran an errand while he was napping. Wow, I missed him. But I needed something warmer []

of blocks and babies

These last months I’ve watched my baby grow up in pictures.   But now, suddenly, he’s three dimensional.     I let my fingers trace his head, his fingers, his feet and am amazed at how I can see every part of him at once, no trying guess what is happening outside of the picture.  I know.  He’s here.  He’s real.  He’s my son.     As for his dimples, they simply slay me. I had no idea he had them (they hadn’t []

words fail me

Today I met my son. And there are no words to describe it. Maybe later. Maybe once my heart gets used to being in one piece again.


My mom said that when my oldest sister was born and they were wheeling her out of the hospital she kept looking around, waiting for someone to say “oh no, we were just kidding, we’re not really going to let you take that baby home.” I’m twelve years older than my mom was then but I have the same feeling. It’s incomprehensible that all the planning, the paperwork, the seemingly endless waiting will all collide tomorrow and he’ll be here. With us. []