adoption worldviews

This isn’t an adoption blog. This is a blog which often talks about adoption. But since assumptions come quick and fast on the internet I’d like to say a few things on two subjects that are intertwined more often than not in adoption discussions.


  • I don’t identify myself with any adoption movement.
  • I didn’t adopt to save anybody or gain souls for Christ.
  • I don’t consider the adoption of children to be analogous to the Christian tradition of God adopting people into His family. I find the very idea so full of problematic ideology that it probably merits its own post. One I haven’t written yet.
  • In matters of religion I consider myself someone who tries to follow the teachings of Christ.


  • I am opposed to any and all situations where families are coerced into placing their children for adoption. Adoption shouldn’t create orphans or break up intact families. We waited many years to adopt while we researched and thought long and hard about these things. Ethics matter. We used various means to verify details of the stories and we are confident in the choice we made to adopt them. They may come to think differently of that choice however and that is, without a doubt, their right to do so. But the circumstances of my children coming to have a second family is no one’s story but theirs and one I will never share on this blog or in person.  I will always ache that my babies can’t be with their other families. But life is not always as it should be.

I believe in broken hallelujahs.

This page was updated Nov 29,2015. Any comments made before that time should be viewed with that in mind.


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